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Place An Order

How To Order My Art.

1. When you see a picture or pictures on my website that you are interested in buying you just send me an e-mail

2. Next, list the title of the picture or pictures (you can find the titles underneath the pictures after you have clicked on the button that says Click To Enlarge).

3. Third step, include your desired size of the picture that you want (You can find size options below of this page) and what color mat would you like. At this point I have four choices: white, Ivory, black and gold.

Here is an example: Hi Mari My name is John Smith and I would like to order one of your pictures of blue long legged horse, titled: "Open Road". I would like the size to be 11x14 and the mat color to be Ivory. Here is my phone number, e-mail address and home address.

4.After you have sent me an e-mail I will confirm your order by sending you an invoice that lists the picture title or titles you want, the sizes of the prints, the mat color and the total fee which includes shipping and handling fee. You can find these prices below.

5. After you have gotten my invoice and agreed to pay the required amount of money, I will fulfill your order as soon as I can. Usually within two weeks but sometimes it might take longer.( I take checks or you can call me and I can also use my credit card reader over the phone)

If you live around Ann Arbor you can save the shipping fee by picking up your order directly from my house after you send me an e-mail.

If you are not happy with your product, you can send it back and I will repay you no questions asked or I will send you a new picture if that is desired. If you have any questions or you have trouble with these steps do not hesitate to e-mail me or call me any time: 734-325-0638, Thank you

All Art Prints Apply
Mat Size Print size Price
4x6 5x3 $20
7x5 6x4 $30
8x6 5x7 $40
8x10 8x6 $60
14x11 8x10 $65
20x16 15x12 $85
20x24 17x22 $120
20x20 16x16 $90