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Art has given me a way to connect to this world.
    A world with quiet places of beauty, places of wonder, places that make me want to hold on to them forever, and to share them with others, YOU.

About Me.

I have always been an image maker. Drawing and painting were activities that furnish some of my earliest childhood memories. I attended art school in Estonia since I was six years old, where I studied painting and drawing. After graduating from high school in Estonia, I studied art and photography in Finland and America

    Like a fine piece of music has the power to change our feelings and alter our emotions, an image can have the same effect. I try in my pictures to move and inspire people. My work is about being in touch with my soul and at the same time my emotional and physical baggage is exposed. My images are both reflection and expression in that I do not aim or plan a final picture, but instead allow myself to be found within it as it occurs.
I call it painting with the machine. I usually carry a small camera with me to snap a picture of interesting objects or landscapes for my collection. I have hundreds of thumb drives full of snapshots of random pictures. I layer them together in Photoshop. For instance I use a sky picture that was taken in Estonia and combine it with the grass picture taken from my backyard. I often use sentimental objects in my images. Such as my daughters summer dress, my childhood toy piano or letters that my grandmother has written me.

    I know this process of art making has given me my voice back. Often I have made these pictures in times when words fail to express what my inner soul wants to say but does not know how or feels too scared to speak the truth. I use my intuition to express all that what is hidden inside in my soul in order to bring the beautiful and not so beautiful parts of me into the light. I am fascinated by mythology, Carl Jung and one of my favorite books is "Women Running with Wolves".I print them using an Epson printer on archival Velvet Fine Art paper.

Also I am passionate about psychology. I have a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan.

I am currently working as a psychotherapist and I am also a part time artist. Since, I have spent a lifetime pursuing all things creative I bring this collective experience to my work as a psychotherapist specializing in addiction and trauma counseling. I believe that both areas of my work compliment each other.

Thank You

Mari Pruks